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About the company

Which company is behind Jovie? +

Jovie is a brand of Unica Global B.V., located in Wierden, the Netherlands. From the Netherlands, our subsidiaries are supported and guided in the sale of our beautiful Jovie products. Unica Global has offices in the United States (Jovie USA) and in the Middle East (Jovie Middle East).

Where is Jovie produced? +

We work closely with specialized and certified factories in the Netherlands and Austria to produce our Jovie organic baby formulas.

What does Jovie do about sustainability? +

Where we can, we make the best choices for baby, animal, and our planet; that's Jovie's promise.

In our products we use organic ingredients and we do not use palm oil or soy. We use all the natural properties of the (organic) whole goat milk, so that we use all the natural benefits of the milkfat and have to add less foreign fats.

We always look for the best options for our packaging; the product packaging must be recyclable as much as possible and we are committed to reducing the packaging materials used in all our shipments, from factory to consumer.

At our office we make energy savings, and we promote biodiversity around the office. In addition, attention is paid to the well-being of the staff, and we involve in local social projects.

The sky's the limit when it comes to sustainability, and we'll never stop improving Jovie!

Where is Jovie located? +

Jovie is a brand of Unica Global B.V. in the Netherlands. The Unica Global office is located at the following address: Nijverdalsestraat 88, 7642 AH Wierden. Unica Global is located in a beautiful historic building that used to be a pumping station for drinking water.

How can I reach Jovie? +

If you have a question about your order, please send an email to orders@jovieproducts.eu. For questions about our products or about the use of our products, please send an email to sayhello@jovieproducts.eu. We will try to answer you within 24 hours on working days.

All about Jovie organic infant formulas

Why should I choose a goat milk formula? +

As a parent you want to feel good about the choices you make for your baby, that's the most important thing! Over the past 10 years, goat milk formula has become increasingly popular. And rightly so, we think! Goat milk is rich in bioavailable essential micronutrients. More and more parents experience the benefits of goat milk for their little one. Many babies and children respond well to goat milk formula.

Does Jovie Goat infant formula contain all the nutrients my baby needs? +

Yes. Jovie organic infant formula is formulated according to European guidelines established by the EFSA (European Food and Safety Organisation). From about 4 to 6 months, solid foods (snacks) can be given to supplement your baby's diet. Please also discuss this with your children’s healthcare centreor doctor.

Can I bottle-feed Jovie if my baby or child has a confirmed cow's milk allergy? +

No. Jovie Goat organic formula is not suitable if your child has a medically diagnosed cow's milk allergy. There are differences between the protein composition of goat milk and cow's milk, but an allergic reaction can still occur with goat milk. Fortunately, a confirmed cow's milk protein allergy occurs in only 3% of infants. A much larger group experiences a sensitivity reaction when drinking cow's milk. In these cases, goat milk can indeed be a good alternative. Because every child is different, we recommend that you consult your pediatrician about your child's symptoms and discuss options for goat milk formula.

Can I use Jovie if my baby is lactose intolerant? +

No. Goat milk-based infant formulas are not suitable for children with an established lactose intolerance. Lactose is the most abundant carbohydrate in breast milk, which is why we choose to use lactose in our Jovie goat milk products. If your child is sensitive to lactose, we recommend that you consult your pediatrician about your child's symptoms and discuss your options for goat milk formula.

Is Jovie Goat infant milk suitable from birth? +

Yes. Jovie Goat infant milk is suitable from birth. The product is safe and meets the Dutch and European guidelines for bottle feeding.

When my baby turns 6 months old, should I immediately switch to Jovie Goat follow-on milk? +

If you have an opened can of Jovie 1 infant milk, you can safely use it when your baby turns 6 months old. Do you still have a question about this? Send an email to sayhello@jovieproducts.eu or contact your healthcare professional or nutritionist.

What about Jovie Goat's taste and smell? +

Do not worry! Jovie goat milk formula is just as delicious as a cow's milk formula. By using fresh, high quality goat milk, we ensure that our Jovie products are tasty and do not have a 'goaty' taste or smell.

Is Jovie Goat certified organic? +

Jovie Goat is European Certified Organic according to European organic guidelines. This means that we only use the best (organic certified) goat milk. Derived from goats that can graze and are fed with non-genetically modified (non-GMO) feed that is certified organic and grown without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

Do Jovie's organic formulas contain hormones, antibiotics or pesticides? +

Like all infant formulas in Europe, Jovie must comply with very strict regulations regarding the absence of hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and other contaminants. Jovie takes it one step further; we use organic goat milk and our goats only get non-GMO feed.

Why is whole goat milk the first and most important ingredient in Jovie Goat? +

Jovie's organic baby formula is carefully formulated with whole goat milk as the first and most important ingredient. Babies get about half of their energy needs from fat. All the more logical is the choice for whole goat milk (with the natural milk fat) as the first and most important ingredient in all our formulas. In addition, goat milk fat has a unique natural composition. This way we use as much as possible of what nature has to offer and we can omit ingredients that we do not want to use, such as palm oil. Pure, organic and more sustainable. Logical right?

What are DHA and AA? +

Unlike (almost) all other organic formulas, Jovie Goat organic formulas are enriched with AA and DHA. These are polyunsaturated fats, which occur naturally in breast milk. Both fatty acids can be formed in the body from other dietary fatty acids, but the addition of DHA has been shown to be beneficial for the normal growth and development of babies' brains, nerves and eyes.

Why is Jovie the only organic infant formula that adds AA to formula? +

Jovie likes to go the extra mile to give babies the best. We have looked at the possibility of adding AA to our organic formulas. And we did it!

What is GOS? +

GOS is an oligosaccharide. You may also know this oligosaccharide under the term 'prebiotic fiber'; it is not digested by the body and is therefore a source of nutrition for the development of good bacteria in the intestines.

Does Jovie use palm oil in her baby formula? +

No. Palm oil is not used in Jovie Goat formulas for several reasons. The main reason is the damage caused by the cultivation of palm oil in tropical areas. A second reason is that an important fatty acid in palm oil does not have the optimal structure for infant nutrition. We therefore choose to use natural milk fat.

Why no maltodextrin? +

Maltodextrin is not used in Jovie Goat formulas. Maltodextrin is a cheap carbohydrate, made from starch, that can be added to infant formula to replace (more expensive) lactose. For Jovie Goat formula we choose lactose (organic, of course) because this is also the carbohydrate that occurs naturally in breast milk.

Why are amino acids added? +

Research has shown that it is better if the protein content in formula is not too high. That's why Jovie chooses to keep the protein content on the low side. However, the building blocks of the protein, which are 20 different amino acids, must be present in sufficient quantities. To ensure that all essential amino acids are present in sufficient quantities, a few single amino acids are added to the formula.

Does Jovie Goat organic formula also contain allergens? +

Yes, Jovie Goat formula contains allergens; the goat milk and lactose have 'milk' as an allergen. The DHA has 'fish' as ​​an allergen.

Does Jovie Goat also contain fluoride as an ingredient? +

No. Fluoride is not allowed as an ingredient in infant formula, and we therefore do not add it to our products (as you can see in the ingredients list). But why is it in the nutrient table? Legislation obliges us, and all other formula manufacturers, to declare fluoride in the nutrient table. But the fluoride content is lower than what can be measured with the most advanced equipment (at least 10 times lower than the legal maximum for infant and follow-on milk). That is why our label says fluoride <6.6mcg. This means less than 6.6 micrograms (a mcg is one millionth part of a gram). In short: we list it in the nutrient table, but do not add it as an ingredient.

Why is goat milk formula more expensive than cow's milk formula? +

A goat gives only 1000 liters of goat milk per year, while a cow gives about 10 times as much milk! For a good income, a goat farmer must have more goats and the price of a liter of goat milk is much higher than that of cow's milk. A fun (goat) gang! A goat is a sensitive animal that needs good care and a specific, for Jovie organic, food ration. Goat milk formulas are produced in much smaller quantities than cow's milk formulas, which are produced in huge factories. All these factors play a role in the cost price and therefore the consumer price of a formula based on goat milk.

All about preparing Jovie Goat formula

How do I transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding? +

Breastfeeding is the best food for your baby. If you want to bottle feed, you can start using Jovie Goat at any time. To get your baby used to Jovie bottle feeding, it is best to do this gradually. For example, every 4 days, replace 1 breast milk feeding with 1 bottle of Jovie. Would you like more information about switching from breastfeeding to bottle feeding? Ask your doctor or nutritionist for advice.

Can I also prepare several portions of formula in advance? +

Yes, that's possible. You can keep the freshly prepared Jovie in the refrigerator and warm it up as soon as you want to give it to your little one. It is best to store this per serving (rather than in a large jug) to ensure that each serving has the correct levels of nutrients. Store the bottle(s) immediately after preparation at a temperature of max 4°C in the back of the refrigerator. This way, the formula can be stored for about 8 hours before you feed your little one.

All about your order

Where can I buy Jovie? +

Here… On this webshop :-)

Online only? Yes! Jovie is only for sale online, because that gives us more influence over everything that happens. No unnecessary transport between, for example, storage locations and shops. And more influence on reducing packaging and shipping material.

And... we are in direct contact with you, which gives us a lot of inspiration to do even better.

In short; completely up to date, and with a view to a more sustainable future.

When will my order arrive? +

Order on time and don't wait until you run out of product. Orders placed on working days (Monday to Friday) before 5:00 PM will be processed and shipped the same day. Orders placed after 5:00 PM will be shipped the next business day. PLEASE NOTE: orders placed on Friday after 5 p.m. will be shipped on Monday. Please take delays into account when placing orders on or around holidays. These orders are processed and prepared but are not shipped during Dutch holidays.

As soon as your package has been registered with the parcel service, you will receive a tracking number, so that you can track the package and the time of delivery.

Do you feel that something is not right with your order or shipment? Please contact orders@jovieproducts.eu.

Can I return my order? +

Yes. Returns can be made within 30 days of receipt. To be eligible for a return, the product must be undamaged and unopened, in the same condition as you received it, and preferably in its original packaging. Read our Return Policy for more information.

I have received an incorrect order. Now what? +

Although we work very carefully, where people work, mistakes are made. Was there a mistake when packing your order? Please contact us at orders@jovieproducts.eu. Of course you will still receive the correct order and you can return the wrong goods (free of charge).

My package arrived damaged. Now what? +

We are sorry if your package arrived with damages. When the can is unopened and if there is damage only to the outside of the can, you can safely use the product.

Do you still doubt whether you can still use it? Please contact us at orders@jovieproducts.eu.