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How to store prepared bottle feeding.

You prepare bottles in advance and store in the refrigerator.
Can you prepare and store Jovie goat milk formula in advance?

This is possible! You can prepare bottle feeding according to the instructions on the tin. Preferably prepare the formula in a bottle (not a large jug) to make sure the nutrients per portion are sufficient. Store the bottle(s) immediately in the fridge at a temperature of max 4°C (e.g. in the back of the fridge) until about 8 hours after preparation. If you give your little one the bottle immediately after preparation, give it no more than 1 hour after preparation and always throw away any leftovers.

When the can of Jovie Goat is still closed, you can store the powder until the expiration date stated on the bottom of the can. After opening you can store the powder in the can for about 4 weeks in a cool, dry and dark place (not in the refrigerator). Always make sure the measuring scoop is clean and dry before placing it back in the lid. And close the can well before you store it.
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