Ingrediëntenlijst flesvoeding

Less is not (always) more

Do you find the ingredient list on infant formulas also extremely long?
Do you also find the ingredients list on infant formulas extremely long? There is a good reason for this!

It may be tempting to look for an infant formula with a short list of ingredients on the label based on the idea that 'the less ingredients', the purer and therefore healthier' the product is. This may be a good diet choice for adults, but when it comes to your baby's nutritional needs, less is not more. A formula just has a long list of important ingredients that are necessary for the healthy growth and development of a baby. The composition of infant formula is strictly regulated. You should interpret this as a necessary foundation for your little one. Formulas contain ingredients that sound complicated and are sometimes hard to pronounce, but rest assured, these ingredients are in there for a good reason!
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