Eten met je kindje

Eating with your little one

Here are some tips & tricks to stimulate your child to eat healthy.
Eating with your baby can be a struggle sometimes. But don't worry. If your child likes almost nothing, that doesn't mean it will stay that way. It is only after about nine times experiencing the taste children recognize and appreciate a new taste. So…just keep repeating and be patient.

Fortunately, there are plenty of tips & tricks to encourage your child to eat healthy. We have listed a few good ones for you.

  1. Diner is readyyyy!! Studies show: eating together at the table has many advantages. People eat healthier, it is good for the language development of small children and it creates a sense of togetherness. And important, seeing someone eating, makes children curious about eating it as well... 

  2. Trial and error! Tasting the food is part of the process, even if it's just a little bit. One bite is enough. It's a matter of practice, just like learning to walk or ride a bike.

  3. Set a good example. Your child wants to imitate, especially at a young age. And that may be of good use of it in this situation. So eat fruit and vegetables as a snack, then your child will want that too. So set a good example.

  4. Helping hands. Peel an egg, wash fruit and vegetables or prepare a sandwich. It's a piece of cake, even for your little one, and very educational. A good way to get your child interested in (healthy) food. And of course have a taste every now and then when you are preparing the food...

  5. The ice cube trick. Freeze what your child does not like (for example, pureed carrot or cauliflower) in small portions in an ice cube tray. This way you can always give it in a small portion next to the meal of the day. This way your child will taste that new taste in an easy and playful way. It is not a problem if your child does not want to swallow the food, as long as he has the food it in his mouth.
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