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Combining breast- and bottle feeding

Combining breastfeeding and bottle feeding can be a good option.
Combining breastfeeding and bottle feeding can be a good option for parents who would like to feed both. It can, for example, help build up a milk supply. And it can be nice to share the feeding responsibility with the partner. To ensure that the milk production is maintained, it is important to alternate carefully, because the breast milk production is influenced by the rhythm of your baby. Does your baby has to get used to drinking from a bottle? Slowly build up bottle feeding and try out different teats.

If you would like to reduce breastfeeding, you can do this gradually. Choose a structure that feels comfortable for you and your baby. For example; start by replacing a (breast) feed with a bottle feed once every two days and build this up gradually.

Tip: start with a bottle of breast milk, then only the way of feeding is different. Once your baby is used to the bottle, you can start formula feeding with a bottle.
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