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All about goats

Goats are curious animals and known to eat almost everything. 
Goats are very curious animals and are known to eat almost everything. They are herbivores and have a fairly varied diet. They can graze on grass, leaves and shoots of shrubs and trees, as well as herbs, flowers and even bark. There is a preference for young succulent leaves and shoots, they can even climb trees to reach them. Goats have four stomachs and chew their food, which means they grind the food up several times and add enzymes to break down the fiber.

And not only the goat milk is special. The eyes of a goat are almost alien-like...Goats have horizontal pupils, which gives them a panoramic view and allows them to spot predators from all angles. Cool, right?

Goats are also very active animals. They have a keen hearing, good eyesight, and a well-developed sense of smell and taste. Goats like to go outside, but they don't like the rain. Other animals have a layer of fat on their fur that repels water, but goats don't. With goats, the water penetrates through the fur. When rain is coming, goats want go inside or take shelter under a tree.
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