Organic Goat Milk

For many of our products, we can use goat milk which is certified according EU organic farming standards. In this way we ensure that Jovie’s products are sustainably produced and as close to nature as possible - free of synthetic pesticides, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and hormones. Where our products are not organic certified, we strive to have them non-GMO and glyphosate residue free certified. 

In our modern world, it is common to be exposed to daily, chronic low-level toxic exposure from a variety of sources - with our food supply being one of the most important. Studies have shown that choosing an organic diet for our family may actually lead to a  decrease in pesticide burden.


Organic is Better for Our Families 

We are all  sensitive to the harmful effects of pesticides and herbicides. Choosing Jovie Goat means that your family is getting natural, wholesome nutrition produced without synthetic pesticides and herbicides. 


Organic is Better for Our Goats

We care about our goats as much as we care about our families. Goats are incredibly intelligent and loving animals who can form strong bonds with humans and, like our families, they thrive in a nurturing environment. The goats which provide our delicious full cream milk grow up in an organic environment, meaning they receive organic and regional feed, they have access to open air and grazing areas, and no pesticides, GMOs or hormones are being used. The goats’ welfare is also improved by having more space per animal in the barn.


Organic is Better for Our Planet 

Our earth is our most valuable resource. When we take care of it, it takes care of us. Organic farming promotes the use of local resources for animal feed, enriches our soil, supports biodiversity, and aims to reduce the carbon footprint and water pollution. Protecting our planet means protecting our health and our family’s health for many generations to come.